Artist's Statement

"My hanging mobiles are ever-changing works of art. The delicate balance between gravity and the gentle currents in the air around us cause the mobiles to twist and bend, appearing to give them a life of their own. They are constantly redefining not only the positive shape of the mobile itself, but the negative spaces that surround the sculpture.

I like to think of my mobiles as a reminder that although life is ever-changing, one can always find beauty and joy in it. All one needs to do is stay balanced and bend slightly with the breeze."

-Steve DeSpirito

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Recyclone is kind of a novelty, but isn't all art? This piece came to be after I installed a new window blind in my home. The blind is made of "faux wood" slats and was too long for the small kitchen window in which it's installed. So after removing a larger portion of the slats from the bottom of the blind, I found myself with some interesting raw materials and this mobile is the result. Recycled art anyone?